Assorted work from my career in advertising agencies 

Brand I've worked with along the years in several management positions:

Migdal, Hienze, Orange, Peugout, Citroen, MG, Suziky, TFS, U-Bank, Kinder, Ferrero Roche, Hisense, Reshet, Shapa, EL-AL, Shufersal, Gindi, Ofran, Careline, Sano, Roladin and many more I can't recall.


Concepting  | Graphic Design | Production | Strategy | Print | BTL 

Frima Top 100 Brands Front Cover Page

Citroen Air Bump Technology | Some "kisses" will scratch you

Hisense | My Fresh Choice Technology | Garlic & Onion Ice Cream

Hisense | My Fresh Choice Technology | Ageing Smowhite 

Migdal | X-Ray Sheeps | 2 Days for  X-Ray diagnosis service | 

You cant sleep while waiting on a diagnosis 

Migdal | Traveler Insurance Transport due to drag usage | Dolphin Passenger 

Shapa | The Power of Sound | Millions of ears stuck in traffic

Shapa | The Power of Sound | Throu the ears into the brain

Heinz | The Fork | It has to be Heinz

Samsara | 4th of July Promotion | Social media posts and gif

TwentyForSeven | Winter Catalog 2015 |

One Example of Many I've Produced 

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