Strategy, branding
& graphic design

Protest Organization
DESIGNER / Avi Avidan

During 2020-2021 Israel is going through eruptive civil unrest resulting in 8 months of protests against our PM.

During this period I'v offered my services to several protests organizations which ended up with me going to the protests to check my work effectiveness instead of actually protesting as I planned to. 

Strategically we decided to "Pink Wash" the protest which was mainly red-black oriented which alienated the masses and looked menacing to law and order.
We took a positivity agent roll upon ourselves and PinkWashed the whole country, spreading positivity and awakening hope for a pink future during these dark Covid-19 times.

Introducing the pink bandanas had an overwhelming success which resulted with us constantly introducing more and more merchandise that is sold out within hours.

Balour hat.jpg